Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New CSF T-Shirts


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hey hey hey!!! =)

I know I continue to say this, but it really is crazy to realize just how fast time passes by. Tonight is the last CSF before Thanksgiving, and then when we get back we only have two more! It still feels like the semester just began!!! Right now seems to be the hard part of the semester for me, because my mind is racing as I'm trying to finish out this semester and its curriculum, but I also want to start working on the curriculum for next semester in addition to working on classes for school. It's certainly a struggle, but God has been giving me the strength each day to get it done! =)

Next semester, my hope is organize the curriculum around the idea of what makes a "Christian" a Christian. First, we are going to be talking about what the core beliefs of a Christian are and should be. Then we're going to go into the reasoning of why we believe what we believe. It's going to be somewhat of an apologetic-based semester where we are going to really be digging deep and challenging everyone to really 'know' and talk about what they believe! I've talked with some students already and ran the theme by them and there is a buzz of excitement. I believe that this will also be a chance for the CSF students to invite people they know who have questions about Jesus and who/what a Christian really is!  My hope and prayer is that God will use Emily and I and the lessons/conversations/sermons/Bible studies/etc to help these students realize the potential of their lives' in Christ.

I've also set out the goal to pray and find two new financial supporters each week. I have a large list of churches throughout the area that I'm going to start contacting to see if I can meet and share with them what God is doing here at Lock Haven University, and hopefully they will want to join us in our work here. I know there are other ministries here at LHU that are quality and are serving God, so the challenge is to find churches who aren't already supporting ministries here to reach out to college students and help support CSF. I ask that you all would offer up prayers for us in the fundraising process as it will certainly be an ongoing process throughout this ministry, but is something that I know is certainly doable because God has called me here!

On to more life updates, I'm torn about the upcoming Christmas break. I'm going to miss working with the students everyday, but at the same time, I'm excited for the the break and for the time to prepare and study up for the new semester. I also will have more time to work on homework for classes, so I'm certainly excited for that as well!!! This update was a little short I know, but I hope to have more next time around! It's a little difficult to write these when students are messing with you, haha. ;) Until next time!!!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Week in KY

Last week Emily and I were in the good ole state of Kentucky for a master's class. After sitting in class from 8:45am to 4:45pm each day last week, learning about the history of Christian Thought, one thing that really stuck out to me was just how similar denominations are to each other in the things that actually matter. Anyhow, I'm convinced that Kentucky hates me because I once again have a sinus infection since visiting the bluegrass state. This week has been nuts so far. I've been working on getting everything ready for our movie/outreach night tonight and this weekend is the CSF Fall Retreat. Emily and I are going to be going and are pretty excited for it!! I emailed out the fall newsletter for CSFPA yesterday to everyone who I had sent newletters to before. If you didn't receive one and would like one, let me know and I'll send it out to you! I'm going to be getting my own newsletter completed here in the next couple of weeks. I've decided that I'm going to be doing bi-monthly newsletters, so this one is going to be for Oct/Nov. All-in-all, life's busy and good. I would ask that you continue to pray for Emily and I as we continue to seek financial supporters and trust God with every aspect of our lives!

Grace and Peace,