Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A New Week

So last week at CSF, we had about 44 people once again. It's so cool to see God using this ministry and these students in the way that He's doing! This week is EXTREMELY busy! I have a lot of Master's homework to get done by Friday night, in addition to preaching tomorrow night. This week I'm preaching on prayer, which is certainly something that could be preached on for a full month. I'm praying that God will allow these students to see how powerful prayer is and can be, and that a passionate flame will begin to kindle within their hearts, leading the to pray for others, their enemies, this campus, and this country! Saturday Emily and I will be hitting to the road and traveling to the good old state of Kentucky for a week of class. I'm excited to be see old friends and to be able to be in class again, learning. Then next weekend, we come back on Saturday, just in time to lead two church services for two area nursing homes in the area on Sunday (30th). Needless to say, life is crazy for us right now, but I'm absolutely loving it!!! =) I'm starting to work on curriculum for next semester, but it's a little challenging to do that with everything else going on, so that might have to wait until things start easing up a little. Emily and I are going to try to get the October newsletter made-up and out to you all here shortly. Hope you all are doing well!!! Until next time!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Let me just say, time passes SOOO fast. I was sitting in Lower Bentley today, talking with one of my students, and he said he was reading my last blog post. It was then that I was reminded that I hadn't updated my blog. So I asked him what the date on the post was, and when he told me I was like "WHAT?!?!" So in saying that, I apologize that I'm not doing a very good job at keeping you all updated. I'm going to try to do better, so please hang in there for me. =) Last week was a fun week. I found out on Sunday evening of last week that the speaker that was going to speak in CSF had an opportunity to travel to Canada and to help out with revivals at some churches for the week. I told him to go for it, so last Monday I worked overtime trying to work out a sermon for Wednesday night. It turned out pretty well, in my opinion. =) I also wrote 12 1/3 single spaced pages of notes on a commentary for my Master's class on 1 Corinthians. This week I have an exam to take for that class and a paper to write for my History of Christian Thought Master's class. Even though it does involve work, I'm very happy that I have this chance to learn more and further my education. Yesterday Lock Haven didn't have school, so I went to the library to use the internet and work on budget stuff. Something that I have been thinking about since August was about what I was going to do after finishing with my Master's program. Even though I still have about 2 years left in this program, I found an opportunity as a CSF campus minister to get my MDiv for free from Cincinnati Bible Seminary. I was looking at the focuses that are offered within it at Cincinnati, and was very excited to find out that they have a church planting emphasis as one of the options for their MDiv program. This is something that I am certainly excited about, but that I am going to be praying about for the next 2 years to see if this really is something that God will let me do and wants me to do. In regards to the Campus Ministry here at Lock Haven, I'm loving it here. The opportunities that God has presented here in this ministry have been unbelievable. This weekend Emily and I will be taking some students out to work a concessions stand at the Penn State football game, in order to fund-raise for the campus ministry. Then coming up in two weeks, we will be in Kentucky for our in-class session of our History of Christian Thought Master's class. I'm excited to be back on campus to see friends and to meet up with people. I hope that it goes well and that Emily and I both enjoy it and learn a lot from the week. Recently we started getting plugged in at a local church. We are a part of a small group that meets every Tuesday night. So far we are REALLY enjoying getting to know the people and becoming a part of the body of believers here at Crossroads Community Church. Well, I guess I should probably get back to work now. I would ask for your continued prayers for the students here and for Emily and I as we continue to raise support and try to get fully funded. I appreciate all of your prayers! Until next time!!! =)