Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Like Giving

This is by far, the GREATEST book on giving that I have EVER read. I've read mean books about giving and have heard many sermons about giving, but none of them have never communicated how impactful giving can be as this book has. In addition to talking about the spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits to giving, Brad Formsma includes many stories from people inside and outside of his family. The stories alone are an encouragement to start making giving a regular part of your everyday life.

One of the things that I really like about this book, is that Brad doesn't talk about giving from a 'tithing' standpoint. He transcends the whole 'discussion' about tithing, and gets right at the root of giving being a heart issue. Rather than worrying about meeting a 'regulation' of turning over a certain percentage of income, Brad encourages his readers to move beyond this way of thinking and start looking at the needs of people around us. When we as Christians are able to move from an 'obligatory' mindset to a 'serving' mindset, we'll be in a much better place to be a blessing through giving and experience the blessing of giving ourselves.

I highly recommend this book to any and everyone! If you've read books about giving and have ever felt like they are slightly missing the point, I encourage you to try this book! I'm sure it won't disappoint! The stories alone will encourage and push you to start wanting to look for everyday opportunities to give to others in need.

"Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review."