Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Am Not But I Know I AM

I recently just finished reading a book by Louie Giglio called I Am Not But I Know I AM.

First of all, I really enjoy listening to Louie Giglio, so when I heard that he wrote a new book I was very eager at the opportunity that I had to read it. In this book, Giglio takes his readers on a journey that reevaluate their lives and adjust them, in whatever way they might need to, to better connect themselves with God Almighty. Louie explains how each of us live within a grand story, a meta-narrative, if you will, where the main character is not ourselves, but God Himself. Taking time to realize the bigness of God and that we are not can make the difference between a life that is full of life and faith and a life that is full of spiritual hardship and disappointment. Louie includes personal stories in the book to illustrate his points that really help his message come to life. Over all, even though there are times when it seems that Louie is being a little repetitive, I think he presents a VERY important message in this book. Every person needs to come to a point in their own life where they realize that "I am not but I know I AM!"

I received a copy of this book to review by Water Brook and Multnomah Books.