Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Search

And the search.... well.... the search continues. I'm still looking up places to live in PA. At the moment I'm looking into some promising leads over in Williamsport, PA. It's about 30 min or so from Lock Haven campus. Some have asked me why I was looking at a place that was that far away. The truth is that I have many reasons, most of which to prolong my longevity in campus ministry. One of the things that I learned about myself during premarital counseling a little over 3 weeks ago, is that I and a severe introvert. Well OK, I didn't "LEARN" that, I guess I just learned some new information about it. Now to clarify a possibly misconception that I myself had for a while, introverted does not mean that you are extremely afraid to be around or in front of people. It simply means that you get tired quicker when you're around people and that you need to get away to rest and re-energize. One of the suggestions that the counselor gave Emily during counseling, was to give me about 30 min and rest and relax before wanting to have "meaningful talk" and/or go out and do something together. Now it's important for you to know that Emily is the exact opposite of me. She's an extreme extrovert, so she actually gets energy and thrives off of being around people. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why I am looking at finding a place to live on the west side of Williamsport. The 30 min drive would give me that chance to be alone and re-energize before I get home to my wife. Also, Williamsport is bigger than Lock Haven, so there might be more opportunities for Emily to find a job. Last, but not least, I have had more promising prospects that are cheaper to select as Emily and my home for the next little bit of our lives. So, who knows? Even though it's going to be a little drive, it's not going to bother me much because I'm used to driving that distance/length to go somewhere and do something, from living in Grasyon, KY for 4 years. =) I suppose this is enough for now, haha. Hope to update you on something more sometime soon! Love you all!!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Beginning

As of June 1, 2011, I will be the new campus minister at Lock Haven University. I'm pretty excited about it!!! I'm also getting married on June 18, 2011 to Emily Nassiff in Ankeny, Iowa! I'm pretty excited about that too! =) I suppose this first blog should say something about my hopes, aspirations, and goals that I have for the campus ministry and the students, but to tell you the truth, I'm not really sure I have too many of those. Basically, I honestly feel that I am walking by faith (no cliche intended) because I've never dreamed of doing anything like this before. Since I've never dreamed of it, I've never thought through what kind of goals that I have rather than just being led by God and His Spirit and doing what He sets before me. Well currently I'm finishing up my undergraduate schooling at Kentucky Christian University. I have about 4 more weeks left and I'm sitting here thinking to myself, where has the time gone?!?! I'm going to miss parts of it. Other parts, not as much, haha. Well I had better get back to studying Greek since have I have class here in an hour. I hope to be able to update you all on my journeys leading up to my wedding, and then my wife and I's journey into this mission field. I'd love any prayers that you'd might be able and willing to give! It's going to be a fun ride! =)