Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"The Goodness of God" by Randy Alcorn Review

The subject of pain and suffering has been troublesome for some people as they journey through life in search of God and meaning. There have been many books written on the subject, but I think Randy Alcorn's "The Goodness of God" is one that will be near the top of my list for recommendations. Not only does Randy take the reader by the hand and lead him/her through this minefield of a subject, but he does so in a book that's not super long. There are many people today who disdain reading because they are more interested in playing video games, listening to music, and/or watching TV/movies. Randy's book is only 117 pages and is a very quick read. While there are some parts of Randy's theology that I'm not sure I would buy into 100% or see eye-to-eye with him on, what he had to say about suffering and the life of a Christian was worthwhile. I especially like and agree with him when he explains that as a Christian, the suffering that we endure and live with isn't for nothing. In fact it's through times of trial and suffering that we as Christians become more like Christ. As in all things, perspective is everything. If you are a Christian, these trials and tribulations really are only temporary and a momentary blight on your bright future, a life with God! I highly recommend this read for anyone who is suffering or who knows someone who is suffering and/or going through a rough time right now in life.

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 "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."