Monday, May 23, 2011

Counting Down the Days...

So I officially only have 26 days left until I'm married to the greatest girl in the world! =) It's really crazy just how fast it has seem to go. Today I'm mailing out a LARGE stack of letters for support. I'm pretty excited about it! =) My prayer is that the people who receive these will be able to partner up with Emily and me in this ministry. I'm also looking at yet another apartment lead. I applied for an apartment in Williamsport last week. Today I found another one that is newer and is A LOT closer to Lock Haven. It's in a little town called Avis which is in between Lock Haven and Williamsport, but only 9.6 miles away from campus! I would appreciate any prayer as I try to hunt down the right place for Emily and I. I hope to update you more and with more cool info before too long! =) I hope you're doing well and that God is blessing you and using you to do incredible things! =) Till next time!